We're looking for volunteers

KrisAssists is seeking volunteers to help administer the website. The duties are to monitor users' submissions for a single disability. You should have a thorough understanding about living with that condition (although not necessarily personally). As a KrisAssists administrator, we would rely on you to review users' submissions, edit them for readability, and approve them for addition to the site.

We also hope that you might help spread the word about KrisAssists to others within the disabled community. So if you have special knowledge about living with a specific disability - either because you have that disability, are a caregiver, or you professionally work with such disabilities - we would be delighted to discuss the possibility of your becoming a KrisAssists Administrator.

The time commitment is expected to be minimal - a short time every few days to read the submissions and either to approve or discard those that are not appropriate. It is possible to share the duties with other individuals in the event that it becomes more time consuming than originally contemplated.

This is strictly a volunteer position, and we will understand if, at any time, life pulls you in a different direction and you need to resign from the duties.

At present, we need administrators for each of the conditions indicated below. If you are interested, please just send me an email.

I really appreciate your help.


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