How works was inspired by my search for stylish shoes that could both accommodate a leg brace and be fastened with a single hand. If they exist, I still can't find them! Perhaps you can help?

We will all gain by sharing ideas and resources that help us overcome everyday challenges. And when a solution lets us tackle the world with stylish confidence, we love it all the more!

So here's how this all works. You have four columns in front of you. The first (My condition is:) lists pretty much every physical disability that exists. Clearly, not every individual disability can be listed so we've grouped some together understanding that the answer to one is likely to be relevant across a sub-category. (If you think we've missed one, do tell us.) Click on any disability and the second column (The result has been:) will be populated with the likely result of that disability...and there's a box for you to add more. Similarly, choose a topic from that column and the third column (Therefore I need:) will populate with specific issues that viewers have experienced...and there's a box here too for your additions. Finally, column four (The solution is:) will be populated with the answers our viewers have found...and, of course, there's a box for you to add your answers. It's as simple as membership, no fee, no passwords to remember, just great information to make our lives easier.

You will know that the list of human disabilities is virtually endless, so as you read down the list you'll see that we are (initially) concentrating on physical disabilities. However, you will also see some mental disabilities. These have been included because the result of them is a physical disability. Also, some disabilities have been included even though they are called a 'disease". That's also because they often result in physical hardship.

Go ahead, enjoy our site. We're pretty sure it's going to be valuable to us all.

Thank you!


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